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  • Once you are a Member of the Free Trial Party Line you’ll be given access to the 24 hour Support Line
  • First – DIAL the line and get your 10 to 30 minute FREE TRIAL Offer
  • No Credit Card is Needed and you don’t need to speak to an Operator
  • You just dial the Toll-Free Party line and record a Sample Greeting
  • Your Greeting and Fun, Flirtatious, Sexy, Serious or Funny
  • You are totally Anonymous – You never have to give our your name or personal info
  • Once your Greeting is recorded; you’ll then be able to Listen to the Greetings of all the other Callers
  • When you hear a Greeting that you like – Send them a Message or a Live Chat Request
  • While you are doing that you’ll be getting Messages from other callers at the same time
  • Stop Reading (if you still are) and Call the Toll-Free Party Line


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