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Meeting And Chatting Up Singles In Memphis

• Meeting eligible singles is not rocket science. In fact, it could start with a safe phone call to one of those free chat lines for singles.

• For those of you, who are new to the area or just too busy to keep up with all the coolest clubs and less likely locales for hook-ups, don’t stress.

• Here’s the scoop on the sweetest spots to meet singles once you graduate from the safe dating lines.

Active Singles Meet Up MidSouth

• ASMU is for singles that are tired of things like blind dating and speed dating. This group sponsors many activities such as bike outings, attending comedy shows, hiking, wine tastings and checking out new restaurants.

• According to their website it’s “just single people getting together.” You might meet someone, you might not, but either way you have fun.

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Fitness Clubs

• Gyms and fitness clubs are now near classic places to pick up dates. First you go workout then you go make out.

• While some sources such as say that “meeting potential dates” at a fitness center or gym means you’re going be in sweaty workout clothing, the plus side is that if someone thinks you’re hot when you’re hot and sweaty then they’ll really dig you when you’re dressed to kill.

• Besides, assuming you hit it off, it will give him/her a preview of what you will look like in the crucial date time between dessert and breakfast. The best gym in the area is the Cordova Athletic Club in Cordova.

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Professional Singles

• This group advertises to professional singles. According to their website they have a number of “swanky lounge events.” The activities include bar crawls, cooking classes, casual social events, club openings, happy hours, mixers, outdoor activities, parties, party cruises, seminars, upscale galas, wine tastings and tours.

• They have events for all age groups. They also host specific events for the “20 to 30s” crowd and the “40 and up” crowd as well.

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Adult Bookstores

• Yes, you read that correctly. Bookstores are great places to meet singles. The experts confirm and ask: “Where else can you narrow your choices by standing in near a sign that prominently displays your interests?”

• Meeting someone at a bookstore like this will help make sure you are both on the same page. Meet your next vacation partner in the Travel section. Seriously you can get a lot of mileage out of this.

• Hang out near the fitness books and you’ll meet your next workout partner. No sweat! Chains like Borders offer many options.

• The more adventurous singles might want to check out the local, indie bookstores such as Burke’s Book Store, The Booksellers at Laurelwood and (for single parents) Pinocchio’s Children’s Book Store which all make the “Top Ten” list in the area.

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• Last but certainly not least; this smart idea for finding singles earns an “A”. Even if you are not a real student, you can still attend a class or two at the local learning institutes and catch a cute co-ed.

• If you want someone older, then check out a continuing education course in a subject you enjoy. (Some might even be free.)

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You could also research which classes are heavily stocked with the type you want. Who cares if it’s a subject you like? You could not only score but learn something too. Rhodes College, the University of Memphis and Memphis College of Art are all top party schools with diverse crowds.

Once you call the singles chat line numbers you are likely to find many more things to do and who knows; you might just discover the line if a good avenue for safe dating and MORE.