How many minutes of Free Chatting Time will I get when I call the chat line?

That depends on the promotion that we have going at the time you call. Usually it’s anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

Does the Free Trial apply to both men and women?

YES in a sense. Men get a Free Trial and then purchase packages of chatting time; whereas women always get to chat 4 FREE.

 Why is it totally free for the gals?

It’s just like ladies night at your favorite hangout. There are usually a lot more women in the bar on Ladies Night and men don’t seem to have a problem with that.

In fact—if you think about it—gals usually don’t have to pay for drinks at most bars and clubs. Guys are always buying them drinks to get their attention. So self-respecting fella would chat-up a gal and not offer to pay for her drinks.

Is this Anonymous? I mean do I have to give out personal information?

You can be whoever you want to be on the chat line. Make up a name and create a persona that suits your fancy for that call. You can of course use your real first name; however most people on the line never give out their last names.

The person you’ll be chatting with will never know your phone number so if you give them your real first name; they’ll never be able to find out who you really are.

Most callers make up a fake name while on the phone chat line. At least that’s the way it is for most women; while men are a little more ready to give out their real name.

It’s best to play it safe.

What kinds of people call these Phone Chat Lines?

Once you become a regular caller; you’ll find that people from all walks of life call the line. You’ll come across individuals from just about every profession, with interests ranging from everything you can image and some that’ll be new to you.

Chat Lines are like bars or Clubs where you’ll find every kind of person imaginable.

So what happens when I call the Party Line?

Well you have one thing correct from the start. This is certainly a total party line which you’ll find out when you call.

If you are a male; then you’d call our Toll-Free number 1-844-825-5121 (TALK121) to receive your free time. Once your Free time is up you’ll be given a local number in your area or this direct landline number 1-509-876-5755.

Gals, you can also call the 509 above.

OK, so you call the line and what happens? You’ll first be asked to record a Greeting of yourself telling a little about yourself and perhaps what you are looking for or perhaps tell a little about your interests.

Next, you’ll get to listen to all the Greeting of the other callers and when you find someone that interests you; you’ll be able to send them a message or a Live Chat Request.

While this is happening others are listening to your greeting and firing you off messages or live chat requests as well. It all happens fast and before you know it you’ll be sending and receiving dozens of messages with interesting and desirable chatters.

And of course you’ll be chatting with many too.

It’s easy and fun. All you have to do is Dial the numbers above and give it a try.


What if there is someone on the Chatline that I don’t want to interact with? Can I avoid them?

Absolutely! While listening to anyone’s Greeting you can Press 5 to Block that caller from trying to Contact you in any way. OR if you get a message or a Live Chat request from a person who you don’t want to interact with; then you can also press 5 to BLOCK them.

However you’ll quickly find that there will be several interesting people you’ll wish to exchange Messages with and then Chat.

I belong to the LGBT Community. Do you have a Chat Line that I can call?

Certainly. We just launched TheSystem which is our “Anything but Straight” chatline. You can call 1-855-855-2428 (CHAT) and get a free trial.

I called the line and I didn’t get a date.

This is a chatting line not a line where you should be looking for a date. Many people use this line for Entertainment purposes and for many other reasons, most of them relating to casual or even sensual conversation.

However if you are looking for a date in your local area, then you should try any of the numerous online dating services.

But that still does not mean you’ll get a date. Getting a date depends on multiple factors.

That being said; we hear from many people who email us and said they met their perfect partner on our Chat Line.

Is this a dating line? Or rather, what is a dating line?

As stated above this is more of an entertainment line where you can chat, flirt and party with other men or women. Since most of the callers dial-in from all over the United States and even Canada; there is only a slim chance that you’ll actually make a date.

We also like to look at these types of lines as phone dating lines. Many callers regularly schedule dates where they agree to meet on the line at specified times and socialize. In today’s busy world where we don’t always have a lot of time to meet in person; oftentimes a phone date is better than a face-2-face.

How could dating over the phone be better than a one-on-one?

There are many reasons for this.

  • You don’t have to spend hours putting on makeup and thinking about what to wear.


  • You can pretend to be anyone you want to be. If you’re a blonde and always wanted to be a brunette; you can be one instantly.


  • Many guys are not good talkers or only want to chat about themselves. When will men ever learn that we ladies don’t like that. We want them to take an interest in our feelings and innermost desires. Therefore, when you are on a phone dating line you can pick from hundreds of men and choose ones that take an interest in you and don’t bore you with endless yapping about their job or their ex-wife.


  • Phone dates are safe. You don’t have to worry about a guy not stopping after you have a hot sex-chat session. You can just hangup; whereas on a so-called ‘real’ date, chatting a guy up about intense sexual desires and then telling him you want to leave or for him to go home, could cause a problem.


  • If you are the kind of girl who likes multiple partners like I am; then you know that one man can’t fulfill you. On these types of sex party lines; you can have virtual sex with an unlimited number of men. If you like to ‘tickle your taco’ or as I like to call it, ‘switching to auto-pilot’ 5 to 10 times a day; we know there are not many men that can handle that ‘work-load’ if you know what I mean. However I can just lay there and chat for hours while I ‘rub my red pussycat’.


  • Have you ever been on a date and the guy is at your place or you are over at his crib and ‘deal is sealed’ and you want to bust outta the place fast. Hell, you were horny, you had a few drinks and the dude looked fuck-able. But he’s not ‘rubbing, sucking or pounding miss daisy’ anymore because he’s tired and you just want him to get the fuck outta your pad. It’s easy on a date-line because all you gotta do is hang up the phone. Bye, see-ya, wouldn’t wanta be-ya. Poof.


  • Overall you have so much more control over how any date goes when it’s over the phone. Besides that you get to chat with hundreds of guys and you can weed out the dweebs very fast so you never have to waste your time with duds.


  • We could go on and on here and I could share more of my own experiences on these sex lines; however after you call several times you’ll have your own list of 10 top reasons that phone dating is better than online dating.


I’ve always wanted to have my own Chat Line. How can I start my own chatline?

The best way to start your own chatline is to become an affiliate of an existing popular line. For example this site you are on is an affiliate site. That’s right; we joined ChatDollars and we are very happy.

When you join you get your own chat-line numbers to promote and get a piece of the action. It’s great if you have many websites—like we do—and get a lot of web traffic.

One of the Great things about ChatDollars is that they payout residuals on all re-orders. That is cool because once a person joins as a result of calling into the system using your affiliate phone number; then you make  commissions on the life of that person. It’s pretty cool. We’re Happy.   : )

But I’d sooner own the Chat-Line and not have to get a little piece of the action. I want the whole Enchilada baby.

That sounds like a good idea until you start to consider all the money, time and effort it takes to start your own chat-biz. We thought the same thing until the tab for  starting our own line looked like it was going to cost over 50K and we still hadn’t factored in things like employees, an office, phone lines (hundreds) etc etc etc.

Getting 20 to 25 percent of the action without having to spend a penny seemed like a much better option to us. AND of course if you know anything about being an affiliate; then this is all a no-brainer.

Just add banners and phone numbers to your already traffic-slamming web properties and sit back and collect those affiliate checks. Well actually ChatDollars directly deposits the money into our account twice a month, like clock-work.

Easy peasy!

And we can advertise other Chatlines at the same time and collect affiliate revenues from them to; which we do. We get a piece of the action from 3 different chat affiliate programs. Who the heck would want to set up their own lines when these companies have already done all the “heavy lifting”?

They do what they do best and we do the same thing. Win-win!

I called the line the other night and chatted for over an hour with this amazing guy. I can’t seem to get him out of my mind. I’ve been calling the line for the past two days for over 4 hours at a time and can’t find him. If I tell you the exact time and date that I was chatting with him, can you look at your system log files and find out who he is. Maybe you can contact him on my behalf.

You are not really serious are you?

That sound like some real stalker s-h-i-t babe. Hey look; we can sympathize with your situation because we’ve all called the line before and chatted with some hottie-or-hunk and then never found them again.

But there are so many thousands of people that call this line daily; so who cares about that last person we chatted with. They most-often are “old news” by the time you call again. Move on!

Oh and to answer your question; this is a private and anonymous service. We don’t keep track of who-chat’s-with-who. And even if we did; we’d never pass that information on to anyone.

Hey, I’m a very sensuous college babe with a great imagination and I call this Party Line every night and chat with guys who always tell me that I should be doing phone-sex. Is there a way I can make money as a phone sex operator?

Sure! Lots of gals call the line and love to get into fun and/or nasty convo’s with guys. Many call us and ask if they can make some money chatting with guys. What we commonly hear is, “hey I love to chat with guys and get them hot; can’t I make some dough doing something that I not only love to do; but something that I’m very talented at?

So the answer is YES! The Bottom Line is that whether you are a Phone Actress or a Phone Sex Operator or even a regular gal that calls the line every day—who really really loves to chat with guys—we welcome you to call the line and have fun.

But if you’d like to make some “cash” doing something you already love to do; then by-all-means, join the PA (phone actress) affiliate program.

However if your main intent is to make money then don’t waist our time or the time of our Members. We like to take on PA’s who love to chat (really love the chat) with strangers and “get off” on that.

If that sounds like you, then check out the Phone Actress affiliate program.

We don’t run it; however we’d certainly recommend it.